Reels for Traditional Fishing

Real dyed in the wool traditionalists wont use anything but a centrepin reel, but I’m not that restrictive, although I do use centrepin reels quite a lot.

You can buy some very good new centrepin reels modelled mostly on the famous Allcocks Aerial, but these can be expensive. An alternative is to buy a second hand vintage reel, but you have to be careful that its in good condition and spins well, so if you’re buying it without handling it first, check the description, and if in doubt ask for details of the reel’s condition.

A genuine Allcocks Aerial will still set you back quite a lot of money, but there are several other alternatives that will be perfectly acceptable, including the Young’s Rapidex and various reels by Adcock Stanton and Grice & Young.

If you need a reel that you can cast with and don’t want to master the specialist FWK Wallis cast, you can stick to a fixed spool, but for that vintage touch, you might consider getting a second hand Mitchell reel. Again, make sure the reel is in good condition and works well before parting with your money.